Managing Our Community's
Water Systems is a Real Drain.
A water main breaks in North America, totaling a repair cost of more than $3 billion/year.
Cities worldwide lose approximately 30% of their drinking water due to leaks and pipe failures in the distribution system and costs approximately $4 billion/year.
The average wastewater utility system has to manage 20 to 50 times the amount of flow it was designed to handle. This means flooding and massive water damage.

All these problems lead to significant economic costs and threats to public safety.

What if you could improve your water management system efficiency significantly and predict pipe failures before they happen at a fraction of the current cost?

Blockchain Water Platform is a revolutionary comprehensive smart water management platform that allows public and private utilities to identify leaks, flood risks, and predict water asset failure before it happens.
By combining hydraulic modeling and asset management into a single platform, public and private utilities around the globe can revolutionize water management systems to create a higher standard of living for all our citizens.

Blockchain Water Platform is a comprehensive integrated real time water management platform. Blockchain Water Platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically Machine Learning, to model and assess the risk condition of drinking water distribution mains, sewer and stormwater collection systems.

The platform has three distinct modules (drinking water, wastewater, stormwater) to effectively plan and manage different water systems within a watershed.

Drinking Water



  • Manage and Design Drinking, Sewer, and Storm Water Systems
  • IOT Integration and Real Time Modeling
  • Full GIS Support
  • Water Quality Modeling
  • AI/Machine Learning Driven Asset Management
  • Data Analytics/Decision Support
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Open Source Engine

$1500 per user*
$0.02/FT of pipe for asset management*

Ideal for Small Cities

  • Powerful GIS engine for US EPA SWMM5 and EPANET2 capabilities
  • Smart GUI tools that streamline model creation, optimization, analysis, and visualization
  • Asset Management AI/Machine Learning Algorithm for drinking water, sewer, and stormwater systems
  • Maximum of 1000 nodes
  • Industry-leading technical support
*billed annually

$2500 per user*
$0.02/FT of pipe for asset management*

Ideal for Medium Cities

Includes all Basic features, PLUS

  • Maximum of 2500 nodes
*billed annually

$6000 per 3 users*
$0.02/FT of pipe for asset management*

Ideal for Large Cities

Includes all Professional features, PLUS

  • Cost-effective solution for large user groups
  • Unlimited model size and complexity
  • Includes online license manager for easy user-management
*billed annually
Blockchain Initiative

Water is the fundamental building block of life and the most plentiful resource on Earth. But only a tiny amount – less than one percent – is useable. In order to sustain life on our planet, that 1 percent must be managed in a way that provides stable water supply for industrial, agricultural and domestic users all across the globe. Currently there is no easy way to track water quantity and water quality used by various stakeholders (industrial, agricultural, and municipal users) in a trusted manner.

Blockchain Water’s goal is to make managing Earth’s most precious resource – water – as easy as clicking a button.

Our innovative, comprehensive single water management computer platform is an open-source tool that simulates all aspects of water management using blockchain and AI. Blockchain Water brings together all stakeholders of a watershed, and can be used by any individual, organization or government to make water management decisions in real time.

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